Launch Day! 85 days and a lifetime journey to A Wink of Yellow

Launch Day! 85 days and a lifetime journey to A Wink of Yellow

Today is launch day for A Wink of Yellow! Please check out our SHOP and follow us @awinkofyellow for a fun giveaway opportunity!

 It's been a long time comin'...

One of my favorite quotes from a book called The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse says “I can't see a way through (the woods) said the boy. Can you see your next step? Yes. Just take that said the horse.” 

For the past couple of years, I've been paralyzed with the thought of launching A Wink of Yellow (AWY). There were so many reasons - "I need more money to start, it's too risky, what if people hate it, what if it fails, I need a step-by-step plan..." I couldn't see my way out of the woods. I was stuck and frankly, I was tired of thinking about it.

85 days ago, in mid-July, I saw my next step clearly. I was walking around with the kids in a vintage store in Gruene, Texas. I saw some vintage pieces and I was triggered in a good way. A voice in my head said "Why not? There will never be a perfect time." I bought a pair of earrings and a bracelet, the first product samples for AWY. There was no turning back after that; in my mind, we were officially in business! It took ONE next step to cross over. Finally, I gave myself permission to try, to fail, and to succeed in leaning into yellow.

Why A Wink of Yellow? I've always loved the color yellow, even as a kid. I still remember my yellow dress and yellow jellies as a child. I loved my yellow floral shoes in high school. I have pictures of yellow doors I've come across over the years. My bridesmaids wore yellow. I have winks of yellow all over my house. Yellow makes me happy. Over the years, it's become a special place in my heart and mind. Life is not always easy, I've had seasons of hardships, periods of exhaustion, moments of sadness, and during many of those times, the color yellow always showed up. It has become a sign of hope. Even when you think things aren't good, it's a reminder that there's so much to be thankful for and it's a nudge to keep going. It's a ray of sunshine, a glimmer of love, and a smile bring-er. We experience the life we focus on. The world is full of yellow once you start to pay attention. It is a beautiful place. 

So, what is it? We are tactile, visual human beings. AWY is my attempt to make beauty, hope, love, connection visible through products. Some have asked if everything we sell will be yellow. No, but I cannot rule out an all-yellow resort collection someday (wink, wink). That would be fantastic! I hope we bring you pieces that make you smile, feel beautiful, feel your heartbeat go a little faster, make you think of someone... The pieces are timeless with an edge, trendy that leans classic, simple and unfussy with a wink.

Turning 48 and finally making AWY a reality - I can say it's been a lifelong journey. It's a culmination of life experiences, work experiences, and a slow leap into the infinite possibilities of AWY. 

I hope you like what you see - curated products from the last 85 days. it's just the beginning... It would be remiss not to say thanks to family and friends for their unconditional support. And to my favorite winks of yellow, Kayla and Colt. Their love, support and confidence in AWY are truly life-giving. "You have to try and do it, Mom! We think it will be big! If it doesn’t work, you can always get a job." With that, here we are….Everything is possible when you try with love and a little wink of yellow. 

Look for the winks of yellow (whatever that may be for you). Get yourself a beautiful piece from AWY and send one to someone else. They'd love the wink.

Let's do this with a wink and with style together.

Happy Shopping!





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